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Armed Security

The decision to arm a security officer is not one to be taken lightly.  Prior to employing armed officers, it is important to consider:


  • The expectations for security in regards to the culture and environment.  This is particularly sensitive if the institution services students, the mentally ill, or some other at-risk population.

  • An alternative to weapons, Executive Security and Protection trains its armed security personnel in the use of safety options all along with the use of force continuum, from a simple conversion to a potentially lethal ultimatum.

  • The economic impact of adding weapons to your security force.  Armed positions generally have a higher market wage, and you must also consider the additional cost of insurance, equipment, training, licensing, and regulatory fees.

  • The legal impact an incident may have on your business.  It is important to have clear procedures regarding weapons tracking, provide guidance on when and how the weapons should be used, implement policies for properly reporting incidents and abide by all local, state, and federal ordinances regarding the training and licensing of armed security officers.

  • We have invested significant resources in developing a lethal and non-lethal weapons program in an attempt to ensure that quality standards are met in the development of our armed officers.


Like our Unarmed Personnel, Executive Security and Protection Armed Officers go through extensive selection, recruiting, and training processes, as well as additional specialized training by certified trainers.  Based on the use of force continuum practiced by law enforcement professionals and sanctioned by legal experts as the best approach to physical confrontations, officers are taught to utilize an escalating series of actions appropriate to handle the situation at hand, rather than to default to the most aggressive response.  Through training and reinforcement, officers develop the confidence necessary to address situations in an appropriate and effective manner.

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