Bodyguard Services

Executive Security and Protections staff are available to keep high-value clients and their families safe at home as well as abroad during international travel. Every officer is highly trained to recognize and neutralize physical threats as well as potentially unwanted media attention.


Executive Security and Protection Executive Services provide concierge services including the driver, vehicle, liaison officers for itinerary planning, and secure routing. Executive Security and Protections Headquarters staff is also involved in the development and implementation of security planning for travel and will coordinate meetings with contemporaries within each jurisdiction.


For international trips, we offer pre-trip consultation and education as well as safety and security officers to guide you during your visit. Many Executive Security and Protections Executive Service Officers come from the military and are well versed through experience, in international travel, unfamiliar situations, and personal safety.


Whatever your international safety and security needs are, Executive Security and Protection Executive Services will develop and coordinate the appropriate schedule of events to optimize your time and investment.

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