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Eric DeBose

Eric DeBose

To acquaint you with my background, I offer proven talents in High-Level Investigative Processes, Strategic Analysis / Planning, Threat / Risk Assessment, Best Practices, Process Optimization, and Policy / Procedure Compliance. I am also well-versed in Employee-Related Investigations, Objective Interviewing, Data Gathering / Analysis, Multi-Level Communications, and Confidential Data / Records Management, and consistently achieve winning outcomes due to my superior skills in critical thinking, work prioritization, and attention-to-detail.

I am former Major Case Detective with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, with years of experience in Sex Crimes and Homicide investigations. Also, I have years of experience as a Intelligence Unit Agent with Orange County Sheriff’s Office, I successfully lead targeted Intelligence Unit operations, including investigating various sensitive issues while liaising among multiple local, state, and federal agencies, as well as civilian businesses. Within this role, I proactively support agency investigations involving employees, and ensure the seamless flow of sensitive information related to criminal investigations and Intellectual Property with civilian business counterparts to coordinate intelligence and relay criminal activity trends. Also, I have extensive experience in Undercover work. Furthermore, I monitored and served as a designated Subject Matter Lead on wide-ranging matters of domestic / international terrorism.

A sample of my career-wide accomplishments include:

✓ Offering expertise gained from 18+ years of investigative experience.
✓ Actively collaborating with the Central Florida Intelligence Exchange (CFIX).
✓ Exhibiting recognition as a “quick study” who rapidly picks up new investigative concepts.
✓ Providing hands-on support– always willing to “go the extra mile” to surpass the status quo.
✓ Comprehensively detailing investigations via letters, reports, and written summaries of findings.
✓ Personally conducting 25 dignitary protection missions, including for 5 U.S. Presidents (sitting and former), 3 foreign sitting Presidents, and several other high-ranking foreign and domestic individuals.

To complement this experience, please note that I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Shaw University and completed rigorous Criminal Justice Academy training at Valencia College’s Criminal Justice Institute, including instruction in Interview / Investigative Techniques and the Reid Technique / Interrogations.

General Manager

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